Looking for a chemical?

Are you trying to purchase a chemical or have it synthesized?

For Seeker Companies – Save Time and Money

You are probably in charge of procuring standards for the analytical department of your company. You might be a scientist, analytical chemist, pharmacologist or medicinal chemist, working in a drug testing lab, clinical research company or research university. You would prefer to buy the compound you need from a catalog, but you have drawn a blank.

Post specific problems in chemistry that need to be solved in the following areas:
• custom synthesis of compounds that are not commercially available;
• increasing process efficiency, yield and throughput;
• replacing dangerous or environmentally unsuitable chemistries;
• reducing the number of synthetic steps and costs;

For Contract Research Companies – Find Clients

Various companies are offering financial awards for solutions to their scientific challenges in the field of chemistry. This blog offers your company a unique opportunity to find new clients without spending time and money.

How to get started

1) To create your post, you need to register first.
2) Once you have registered, go to the Login page.
3) Go to the Create New Post page.

Please include a detailed description (name of compound, CAS number, structure of compound) of your project and requirement (deadline, desired quantity and purity). The more information provided, the shorter the timelines and the lower the price.

You can find an example of the custom synthesis enquiry at the page:

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